Your chance! Call for Paper for next ODTUG conference!

There is still a long time till the next ODTUG Kaleidoscope takes place in Monteray, but the deadline for sending in abstracts is coming closer and closer! 3rd November 2008 is the date you have to mark on your calendar. But don’t wait till the last minute!!

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 will feature it’s own Oracle APEX track with probably two parallel rooms just for APEX sessions. That would be more than 38 Oracle APEX sessions!!!

So that’s your chance to present a topic related to Oracle APEX. Your odds that your abstracts get accepted have never been better! And don’t forget: if your abstract gets accepted you don’t have to pay for the conference! BTW, a free conference pass most time also makes it a lot easier to convince a manager to send you to a conference. Another sidenote: Monteray really seems to be a nice place… 🙂

Take your chance and send in an abstract!

If you don’t have the confidence to do your own presentation you can still help to make this the best ODTUG Kaleidoscope ever. Join the new community forum and tell us presenters about the topics you want to hear!