XML processing in the database

A few days ago I came across an interesting posting on the AMIS blog about an XML(DB) presentation at the OOP 2007 conference.

The presentation done by Ken Atkins is also available online and is really worth reading it. It gives a comprehensive overview (with lot of examples) of the built-in XML processing features of the Oracle database.

So if you ever have the requirement to parse an XML file or export your relational stored data as an XML file, you don’t have to use Java or any other language on the Application Server to do that job. You can easily do it directly in the database / Oracle APEX. And I’m quite sure it will be much faster than doing it outside of the database. BTW, I used some of the XML processing features recently in my first OTN article about Integrating Yahoo Pipes into an Oracle APEX Application

Download the presentation:

7 thoughts on “XML processing in the database

  1. Too bad. I had this post so long in my to_read list and now those whitepapers are not linked anymore.
    Any chance somebody can send ’em to me or give me a new link?


  2. Patrick,

    Could you post the second article, Storing and Manipulating XML in the Database, too? Thanks.

  3. I think the above link covers both presentations in one. But I’m not 100% sure. Write the author a mail, I’m sure he will send you the original ones.


  4. Hi Patrick,

    The links to the documentation are missing.. Could you please send me those articles…

    Thanks in advance

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