What’s next on the Oracle APEX roadmap? Oracle APEX 3.2!

Just read on David Peake’s blog that he has updated the Statement of Direction for Oracle Application Express (APEX).

What has changed?

They are planing to release Oracle APEX 3.2, which will be Oracle APEX 3.1 + The Oracle Forms Migration Tool. If you are a Forms guru, they are looking for beta testers! Get the details at David’s blog.

I think the Forms Migration Tool will be another major step for Oracle APEX to get the Forms developers into the APEX boat. These two tools have a lot of similarities (declarative, PL/SQL, …) and the same kind of productivity to develop database driven applications. Forms developers can re-use their existing skills and companies protect there investment by using the same business logic (if written in database packages) as for there Forms applications. Compared to learning or migrating an application into a new language (eg. Java/.Net) this can be a huge time safer.

10 thoughts on “What’s next on the Oracle APEX roadmap? Oracle APEX 3.2!

  1. We may want to look into it. We are on 9i web based forms. I just sent an email to the developer with this link. I have used APEX and it’s super duper cool : )

  2. Patrick,

    I think this will end up being absolutely huge for ApEx. I can’t wait to see how close the result comes to a turn-key solution.


  3. I’d prefer to see APEX dev team spend time improving the product not working on migration tools. I personally don’t use turn-key solutions. Coding is just not that simple that a migration tool can produce an end result that just works perfectly in the new technology. There is always tweaking, reworking and rewriting. I like to understand exactly what my application does.

  4. Anon,

    I agree with the points you make and I fully expect to have to tweak the results. (although sourcing from an xml file should get us pretty close)

    The point I was making is that I think many will go to ApEx from Forms if it is the path of least resistance.


  5. Monty,

    I agree many developers have and will transition from Forms to APEX. I have made this transition already myself. I found the transition from Forms to APEX was easy enough that a transition tool for me was not needed. A Forms developer with a PL/SQL background should have no problem creating APEX applications. APEX’s wizard driven development makes it a very productive tool.
    I guess I’m being selfish in that I would like to see the dev team focus on activities that would enhance the APEX product and not a transition tool.


  6. Anon,

    We struggle with that same dilemma – Given it so easy to build applications on top of Oracle tables why would you bother with a migration tool?

    My answer is that while it easy to learn APEX from a developer’s perspective, it is not always as easy to understand what has been built into the Oracle Forms.

    If you have a project to migrate 100 or 1000 Forms of varying complexity and varying documentation (= most projects) then I believe the tool will be invaluable to enhancing your understanding of what you are migrating. Knowledge is power, and by extracting all the business logic out of Forms and allowing you to view it through our migration screens will improve the process (irrespective of how much you generate)


  7. Hi,
    I’m Technical Manager Ithan Srl (www.ithan.it).

    We are specialized Oracle Forms developer.

    We are interest to be a Beta Tester.


    Lorenzo Renzi

    Ithan Srl

  8. Hi Lorenzo,

    I’m not affiliated with Oracle. You have to write your beta participation request to David Peake who is from Oracle (see above link).


  9. tsk tsk … if Apex should have migration tools, it should be from humongous java programs with struts, spring & hibernate all over the place 🙂 🙂

    Looking forward to the next version


  10. Dear Sir

    I am using 10gxe with apex 3.2 , but while I am trying to migrate oracle forms converted xml file in migration project only Access Type Select is Coming. How I will activate Form Type so that i can upload my converted fmb based xml file.



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