Useful Oracle APEX tools

Did you know that the Oracle APEX distribution contains some nice little tools?

The command line export tool is probably well known, John Scott blogged about it some time ago.

But did you know that there are two additional scripts which can get handy sometimes?

  • apxxepwd.sql in the root directory. This script can be used to set the password for the ADMIN user of APEX. Just in case if you don’t remember it anymore. Jornica, thanks for the tip!
  • \utilities\reset_image_prefix.sql to change the image prefix path for an existing APEX installation.

2 thoughts on “Useful Oracle APEX tools

  1. thanks a lot for your post on Oracle Forums…regarding the APEX ADMIN password reset tool.

    i had a strange issue that the ADMIN password wont work at all after successful installation


  2. actually for upgrade to 3.2, the FLOWS_030000 needs to be changed to APEX_030200 in the script file

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