Undocumented option for Static List of Values

Did you know that the STATIC and STATIC2 keyword used to define Static List of Values for Oracle Application Express (APEX) contains an undocumented option?

The online help documents the usage with

STATIC[2]:Display Value[;Return Value],Display Value[;Return Value]

But what to do if one of your values contains the semi colon or the comma in the text? You will get a problem with the predefined separators!

In such a case you can use

STATIC[2](lov-entries-sep,display-return-sep):Display Value[<display-return-sep>Return Value]
<lov-entries-sep>Display Value[<display-return-sep>Return Value]

For example:

STATIC2(~,*):Cat, Dog*1~Nemo, Shark*2

3 thoughts on “Undocumented option for Static List of Values

  1. Thank you very much, it is very helpful post.

    But my problem that I am using APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST which takes a static list as parameter.

    You must pass this parameter without the ‘STATIC2’ keyword.
    I tried to add ‘(|,~)’ but did not work.

    Do you have any clue.

    Best Regards.

  2. This is really a very helpful option. I just used it in one of my applications and works great. I initially could not display values which contained numbers (in thousands) with a comma in it.

    I wish we can find more tricks like this.

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