The Quest for the Hidden Treasure of Oracle APEX

As some of you may know I attended the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference a few weeks ago. BTW, a really great developer focused conference! Beside attending I also had to give two presentations. Trying out some software on my MacBook Pro, I recorded these two sessions.

Screenflow is really cool and makes editing the recording really smooth. But it’s so strange if you have to listen to your own voice and all the things I could have said differently! After playing around with the software for some while, I finally decided that the recording might also be interesting for people who haven’t been able to attend the conference. That’s why I exported it as a movie and uploaded it to Vimeo. But you can also get the video in iPhone/iPod format (119 MB) or just the slides of the presentation in PDF format (4 MB).

I will post the second presentation “Paradise of an Oracle APEX Developer” when I come back from my vacation. Have fun!

The Quest for the Hidden Treasure of Oracle APEX on Vimeo.