The future of Oracle APEX – aka Oracle APEX 4.0

In case you haven’t read it on Marc Sewtz blog or in the newest edition of the German Oracle APEX community newsletter, on Friday July 25th at 14:00 (German time) there will be a WebCast about the features the Oracle APEX team is currently working on for Oracle APEX 4.0! The WebCast will also cover some tips & tricks for APEX 3.1.1.

Get the details about how to join the WebCast at the German Oracle APEX Community web site.

Note: This WebCast will be in German.

One thought on “The future of Oracle APEX – aka Oracle APEX 4.0

  1. This could be really nice! As we Dutch people get German as a mandatory course in our education, I should be able to understand some words 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!

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