Test Drive the new Forms Converter aka Oracle APEX 3.2!

If you are a regular user of apex.oracle.com or the OTN forum, you might have already noticed that the hosted environment has been upgraded to the brand new Oracle APEX 3.2. If not, go and take a test drive of this brand new release! So what’s new?

Oracle Forms Converter

That’s the main feature of the new release and it’s targeting the thousands of Oracle Forms developers out there who want to bring parts or there complete Oracle Forms application to the web. Get the details in the New Feature List.

Security Enhancements

But what if you are an existing APEX developer and do not care about Oracle Forms? There are some great enhancements in the security area as well. And I’m sure the APEX team also did a lot of bug fixing for the core product. That’s why I think it will be a good idea to upgrade our systems to the new version as soon as it’s available. Check out the New Feature List to get the details about the Security Enhancements. Want to know more? Check out Anton Nielsen’s posting.


Currently Oracle Application Express 3.2 is only available on the hosted environment, but based on the previous releases the general download should be available within a few weeks. If you notice some bugs during your test drive, please feel free to report it on the APEX OTN discussion forum. They will watch it closely.

Happy test driving!

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