Integrating a Slider Control into Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) doesn’t come with a built-in Slider Control widget, but it’s quite easy to integrate one of the existing Javascript libraries like the Tigra Slider Control. See there example page 1 and page 2 for how the sliders can look like. But you can also use your own images for the slider.

What are the steps to integrate it?

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Add Double Click to Oracle APEX Shuttle Widget

Do you want to improve the usability of the Oracle APEX Shuttle Widget a little bit?

Let’s enhance it by adding support for double click. It will allow users to double click on an entry in one of the two lists of the shuttle, to move the selected entry to the other list as they would normally do with the corresponding icons. I think that’s a little bit more convenient and faster than using the icons.

There comes the necessary code.
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Using tooltips in Oracle APEX applications

That’s maybe an old tip and probably everybody already knows it, but because I just answered that question on the OraFAQ forum, I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t know.

Maybe you have already noticed that in the Oracle APEX Builder at some pages a tooltip is used. For example for the icons on the Drag and Drop Layout page. This tooltip functionality can be reused in your own applications. You just have to add

onmouseover="toolTip_enable(event,this,'This is a tooltip')"

into the “Attributes” property of your HTML button or into the “HTML Form Element Attributes” property of your page item. In the end you can attach it to any HTML element. But I think you got the idea how it works.

Some interesting postings

In the past few weeks there have been a few interesting APEX related postings I want to share with you.

Have fun reading them!

Restrict input length of Tabular Form columns

One problem with Tabular Form Column is that they don’t have a “Maximum Width” property as Page Items do. APEX automatically generates a maxlength=2000 for all columns. What is the result? The user gets a

when he enters a too long value. Not really nice, isn’t it? And now he has to start counting so that he knows where to cut of…
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Tabular Form record navigation with Up/Down key

I have added another small usability enhancement to the ApexLib Framework.

When you call the API


it will register the keys Up and Down to navigate to the previous/next record in a Tabular Form. This should work for manually build (with Apex_Item) and also for the default updateable Tabular Forms.

It is by intention that the Up/Down key doesn’t work on textareas and select lists, because on that type of field the Up/Down is used by the widget.

Try it out on the ApexLib Feature Demonstration site.