Checkboxes in Tabular Forms – The easy way!

As you may know, Tabular Forms are sometimes let’s say “a little bit tricky”. They are missing some common features which are available for Page Items. One of them is the declarative support for Checkboxes. With the following step by step instruction you will be able to add checkboxes in Tabular Forms without loosing the existing wizard generated functionality.
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How to run Javascript code for a PPR Report?

Maybe you have already used a PPR (Partial Page Rendering) report, by setting the “Report Template” property to “template: 7. Standard (PPR)”.

That’s quite a nice feature, because not the hole page is rendered when you are paginating through the report, just the report itself is refreshed with an AJAX call. But what happens if you want to run some Javascript code after the report content has been refreshed? For example to hide the “Select All” checkbox of the row selector.

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Restrict input length of Tabular Form columns

One problem with Tabular Form Column is that they don’t have a “Maximum Width” property as Page Items do. APEX automatically generates a maxlength=2000 for all columns. What is the result? The user gets a

when he enters a too long value. Not really nice, isn’t it? And now he has to start counting so that he knows where to cut of…
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Tabular Form record navigation with Up/Down key

I have added another small usability enhancement to the ApexLib Framework.

When you call the API


it will register the keys Up and Down to navigate to the previous/next record in a Tabular Form. This should work for manually build (with Apex_Item) and also for the default updateable Tabular Forms.

It is by intention that the Up/Down key doesn’t work on textareas and select lists, because on that type of field the Up/Down is used by the widget.

Try it out on the ApexLib Feature Demonstration site.


Accessing Tabular Form cell with JavaScript

Today there was a thread on the OTN forum about how to access a Tabular Form cell with JavaScript and I thought it might be of general interest.


You have a Tabular Form with 3 columns (Amount, Tax, Total) and want to populate the Total column with the sum of Amount and Tax as soon as Tax has been entered.


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Accessing the row selector of a tabular form

Maybe you already had the “joy” to find out that accessing the “Row Selector” column of an updateable tabular form isn’t that straightforward as expected. Because the corresponding g_f01 array isn’t indexed by row number as the other column-arrays of the tabular form.

Instead it contains as many values as you have checked rows. The value of the array entry contains the “real” row number for which it has been checked. So you can have the situation that g_f01 has a count of 2, but your g_f02 containing the EMPNO contains 15 rows. In the case if the g_f02 is your “driving” array, because you want to process all the records and only for the checked ones you want to do something special, it can get really challenging for a new APEX programmer (and even for a more experienced one).

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