You will not guess where I’m! ;-)

On the other side it’s not very hard to guess. I’m there where most of the Oracle blogging and Oracle APEX community currently is. I’m at Oracle Open World in San Francisco.

I’m not sure how often I will blog, because I have a tight time schedule. But if you want to get hold of me, I will try to visit most of the Oracle APEX sessions.

On Tuesday, between 14:30 and 15:30 I’m doing my own presentation titled The Power of the Oracle APEX Repository (Session Id: 300210). It’s currently booked out, but you might get a chance to still get in.

Enough for now, I have to listen to Tom Kyte’s “Efficient Schema Design” now.

More Oracle APEX sessions at Oracle Open World 2008

Looks like that the proposed Oracle APEX sessions at Oracle Mix did quite well. Not only did Raj’s session about Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Application Express get most votes, congratulation Raj! But what I have counted, there are also 8 other Oracle APEX related sessions which made it into the top 35 sessions which are going to be invited to Oracle Open World 2008.

A great day for Oracle APEX at OOW 2008!

Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Application Express

Raj Mattamal has put up an interesting topic for a presentation at Oracle Open World 2008, it’s about Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Application Express. The presentation is not just the basic stuff you will find in the manual or the tutorial, it goes way further. For example it covers SSO over multiple workspaces.

In case if you are not interested in the topic, it’s still always fun to watch Raj doing a presentation/see him talking (fast). This guy has way to much energy or is drinking to much Red Bull 😉

So people, vote for him that he is able to present that topic at Oracle Open World 2008!

And don’t forget about the other great Oracle APEX sessions!

Vote for Oracle APEX sessions at Oracle Open World!!!

You may have already read it on Carl Backstrom’s blog, Oracle has reserved some slots for community suggested topics for the upcoming Oracle Open World in September.

Want to hear more Oracle APEX related presentations during the conference?

It’s up to you!!! Vote for the following Oracle APEX sessions, so that they are added to the conference program.

I can really recommend “How to Hack an Oracle APEX application” by Anton Nielsen, I have already seen it at the unconference track at last years OOW.

Give APEX a boost and vote now! Voting ends 24th June.

The voting takes place on You have to register if you have no account yet.

OOW: Advanced Oracle APEX: Building Web 2.0 – second chance!

Carl Backstrom is doing again his “Advanced Oracle APEX: Building Web 2.0” presentation tomorrow (Wed, Nov 14) as part of the Unconference track. He had problems with his notebook today and couldn’t show any of the demos he prepared during his scheduled presentation. But he really wants to show that stuff, so that’s your chance to see the presentation again!

Come to Moscone West, 3rd floor, Overlook 2 (next to the OTN lounge) at 02:00 PM.

See you there!

APEX: Are you going to Oracle Open World?

And you are interested in Oracle Application Express (APEX)?

Then check out the paper FOCUS ON Database Application Development Oracle Application Express put together by David Peake the Oracle Product Manager for Oracle APEX. He wants to ensure that nobody is miss any of the great APEX sessions and labs. Very good idea David!

If you are already there on Sunday, don’t forget to attend the OOW APEX Roundtable where you can ask your Oracle APEX related questions to an expert panel.

Want to meet other Oracle APEX enthusiasts and some of the APEX developers from Oracle in a more relaxed environment? Then register for the OOW 2007 APEX Meetup!

See you there!

Oracle Application Express (APEX) at Oracle Open World 2007

Looks like that the Session List for Oracle Open World 2007 has finally been published. Did a quick check for Oracle Application Express (APEX) related sessions and found 10 so far. Check out the search result by yourself. Would have hoped that there are more, but I’m sure there are a lot of other presentations I’m interested in. 🙂

BTW, if you go to OOW 2007 and you are interested in Oracle APEX, add yourself to the Oracle OpenWorld Connect – Application Express group!

Join Me at Oracle OpenWorld Connect!