Number of displayed Records of Oracle APEX Popup LOV

Recently I answered a question about where to change the number of displayed records of a Popup LOV in Oracle APEX and I thought it could be of general interest.

The behavior of Popup LOVs can be changed through the Popup Lov template. You can find it at
Shared Components\Templates\Popup LOV.

In the Pagination section you will find the property Display which defines how many records are displayed at once.

The Popup LOV template also contains other interesting settings like the icon which is used for the popup lov field or the text for the search button, the width and height which is used to display the popup lov window and much more. Just have a look!

Undocumented option for Static List of Values

Did you know that the STATIC and STATIC2 keyword used to define Static List of Values for Oracle Application Express (APEX) contains an undocumented option?

The online help documents the usage with

STATIC[2]:Display Value[;Return Value],Display Value[;Return Value]

But what to do if one of your values contains the semi colon or the comma in the text? You will get a problem with the predefined separators!

In such a case you can use

STATIC[2](lov-entries-sep,display-return-sep):Display Value[<display-return-sep>Return Value]
<lov-entries-sep>Display Value[<display-return-sep>Return Value]

For example:

STATIC2(~,*):Cat, Dog*1~Nemo, Shark*2

Non navigable Date Picker-/Lov/Image Button Icons

I still remember my “usability experience” when I first tried out Oracle APEX and created a form with a Date Picker and a Lov and run the page afterwards.

I had to click tab twice to go from a Date Picker or Lov item to the next item, because the Icon next to the field got the focus.

I was scratching my head and thinking, “Is that the Web-Experience and the easy of use, every manager and Java/JSP/JSF/PHP/… developer is talking about?”.

With that kind of usability should I really throw away our rich-Web-client Oracle*Forms and give the users that kind of interface which they have to use each day long to enter data into the system?
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