Auto Refresh Flash Charts in APEX 3.0

Have you already used the new Flash Charts in Oracle APEX 3.0?

As for SVG charts you can set them to Auto Refresh after x seconds. But it looks like that a small nice feature of the SVG charts is missing for the Flash charts. It doesn’t automatically show when the last refresh occurred.

But how can we add that?

At the first look it doesn’t seem to be that easy, because no full page refresh occurs, just the Flash chart is updated with an AJAX call.

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Denes has released an unwrapped version of his Flash Charting solution

sexy_chartingSome time ago I blogged about replacing the SVG APEX charting with a Flash charting solution which is more “sexy” than the SVG charts.

The drawback of the solution was that the package which you had to use was wrapped. But the good news is that Denes Kubicek has just released an

Unwrapped version of the package.

So get it and try it out. Details and questions can be asked in the related OTN forum thread.

Denes, keep up the good work! We need more out-of-the-box APEX open source solutions!

Sexy Charting

sexy_chartingIs the build-in SVG charting not “sexy” enough for your managment?

Recently I came across two threads on the OTN Apex forum where they where discussing using a flash charting solution instead.

Denes Kubicek has put together a really nice “out of the box” solution, which can be used in your Apex application. Check out his demonstration application showing the possibilities of this flash charting solution in combination with Apex!

I’m sure with this charts you will get a “WOW that’s cool!” from your users and managers!