Do we need a certification program for Oracle APEX?

Honestly I sometimes have mixed feelings about all this certification programs. You hear stories about the PL/SQL exam which asks questions about triggers, triggers and triggers. I’m not quite so sure if you really do that all the time as a PL/SQL developer. Or you hear stories about DBAs who have a certificate and get hired as senior DBAs but don’t know much about the database…

But I recognize that certifications are some kind of important in the HR/job hiring world to do some pre-filtering. As it looks like more in the USA then over here in Europe, but I notice it’s getting more common here too. But as a manager, who is also doing job interviews for our Oracle job offerings, it isn’t “the” criteria for me to hire someone. Real experience is what counts and most time you know that after a few questions.

So what’s this posting all about?

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