Oracle APEX 4.0: Cascading LOVs/Select Lists

One of the new features of Early Adopter 2 are Cascading LOVs/Select Lists. I’m pretty sure that almost every APEX developer had already the requirement to refresh a child select list when a parent select list was changed. For example you pick a department in the first select list and the second should just show employees of that department. There are two solutions to solve that: Continue reading

Speedup of cascading AJAX lovs

I have implemented a small improvement into my Generic solution for cascading lovs.

If you have a hierarchy of cascading lovs as I have it on my example page, the old version did an AJAX call for all cascading lovs and there cascading lovs, … each time a value was selected. But normally these calls will always result in an empty select list, because the value of the parent lov hasn’t been set yet.
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Minor enhancement/bug corrections for ApexLib framework

I have done some minor enhancements and bug corrections for the ApexLib framework. It now supports Multiselect lovs, too. For details see the change log.

BTW, did you know that the Generic solution for cascading lovs, also works if the first item is a text item which restrict another lov?

I have updated the example on to include a multiselect lov and a lov which depends on a text item.

Change log of version v0.06 14-December-2006:

  • Bug# 1615618: ApexLib_TabForm: error raised when no updateable report region exists.

Change log of version v0.05 14-December-2006

  • CR# 1615591: ApexLib_Lov: add support for multiselect list.

Update: Generic solution for depending select lists/popup lovs

I have updated the Generic solution for cascading lovs, it offers now supports for popup lovs, too.

I have also updated the example on to include a popup lov.

Change log of version 0.03 (12-December-2006):

  • Added support for cascading popup lovs.
  • Don’t generate a dependency if the referenced item issues a redirect/submit anyway.
  • Corrected compilation errors in the ApexLib_Lov_for_flows_schema.pkb


Speed sometimes kills 🙂

Change log of version 0.04 (12-December-2006):

  • Corrected a bug in the clearLovNullValues if called from the on-demand-process.
  • Corrected wrong check in ApexLib.js.

Generic solution for cascading select lists/lovs

Note: Before you read on, cascading LOVs are now natively implemented into APEX 4.0. See my related blog posting Oracle APEX 4.0: Cascading LOVs/Select Lists.

After implementing several times a select list/popup lov, which is depending on another item on the same page (see the AJAX example from Carl Backstrom), I thought that it was time to come up with a more generic solution where I don’t have to implement javascript code and on-demand processes for each lov anymore.

I thought if the render engine of Oracle Application Express (APEX) is able to generate the SQL statements on the fly, I should be too 😉

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