Some interesting postings

In the past few weeks there have been a few interesting APEX related postings I want to share with you.

Have fun reading them!

Speedup of cascading AJAX lovs

I have implemented a small improvement into my Generic solution for cascading lovs.

If you have a hierarchy of cascading lovs as I have it on my example page, the old version did an AJAX call for all cascading lovs and there cascading lovs, … each time a value was selected. But normally these calls will always result in an empty select list, because the value of the parent lov hasn’t been set yet.
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Update: Generic solution for depending select lists/popup lovs

I have updated the Generic solution for cascading lovs, it offers now supports for popup lovs, too.

I have also updated the example on to include a popup lov.

Change log of version 0.03 (12-December-2006):

  • Added support for cascading popup lovs.
  • Don’t generate a dependency if the referenced item issues a redirect/submit anyway.
  • Corrected compilation errors in the ApexLib_Lov_for_flows_schema.pkb


Speed sometimes kills 🙂

Change log of version 0.04 (12-December-2006):

  • Corrected a bug in the clearLovNullValues if called from the on-demand-process.
  • Corrected wrong check in ApexLib.js.

Generic solution for cascading select lists/lovs

Note: Before you read on, cascading LOVs are now natively implemented into APEX 4.0. See my related blog posting Oracle APEX 4.0: Cascading LOVs/Select Lists.

After implementing several times a select list/popup lov, which is depending on another item on the same page (see the AJAX example from Carl Backstrom), I thought that it was time to come up with a more generic solution where I don’t have to implement javascript code and on-demand processes for each lov anymore.

I thought if the render engine of Oracle Application Express (APEX) is able to generate the SQL statements on the fly, I should be too 😉

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