Tabular Form record navigation with Up/Down key

I have added another small usability enhancement to the ApexLib Framework.

When you call the API


it will register the keys Up and Down to navigate to the previous/next record in a Tabular Form. This should work for manually build (with Apex_Item) and also for the default updateable Tabular Forms.

It is by intention that the Up/Down key doesn’t work on textareas and select lists, because on that type of field the Up/Down is used by the widget.

Try it out on the ApexLib Feature Demonstration site.


12 thoughts on “Tabular Form record navigation with Up/Down key

  1. Very cool feature!

    The tabular form is starting to feel like a “native” grid control.

  2. Could it be made to jump to the next field when pressing right/left arrow, if one is at the end of the contents in the field?

  3. I’m not sure if that would be a useful feature, because if you have text fields with eg 40 char it takes 40 key presses (or staying on the key) until it would jump into the next field. Or do you mean something different?


  4. Yes, that’s the way it works in “native” (Windows) grid controls; you must arrow through all the letters in the cell, but after that it jumps to the next cell.

    Alternatively (or in addition), you could jump directly to the next/previous cell if you press Ctrl + right/left arrow.

  5. Ctrl + left/right sounds useful, I will create a change request for that.

    But it may take a while to implement it, because in JavaScript there is no “sendKey” or something similar to simulate going to the next field. Just going to the field next to the current one is also no option because the order could be changed with tabindex… 🙁


  6. Hi Patrick,

    I am more newbie to APEX than you are .Hence this silly question.

    How does one hide the row slector check box in a tabular form.

    When I try to hide it, i get an MRU exception on pressing submit. Your advice will be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Just delete the row selector column.

    What type of exception do you get?

    You can write me an e-mail, you can find it in my blog profile. That’s easier for communication.


  8. Hi Patrick,

    I am trying to integrate this. Call you explain to me where I need to call the ApexLib_Browser.checkForUpDownKey; API? Where do I add this code?


  9. Good Day

    I am hosting my application on
    I installed the library using the ApexLib_install_into_application_schema.sql script.
    I integrated the library into my application using the ApexLib_integrate_into_application.sql.

    When I run the page (any page) in the application, I get the browser error ‘apexlib’ is undefined.

    Where do I start looking, does anything specific need to be set in the database that I missed?


  10. Hi Peter

    Thanks for your response. I checked out the posting, and unfortunately that did not solve my problem. My application is hosted at Revion. Would it be possible for you to have a look at the problem?


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