Tabular Form alignment with page items

There was a question on the OTN forum about alignment of page items which should look like a tabular form. I thought it might be of general interest, so I created a short posting about it.

As you can see from the posting, the person asking tried several different settings, but got gaps between the fields or they where not aligned as desired.

There is a trick to avoid this gaps, use the following settings:

  • Remove what’s in the label
  • Horizontal / Vertical Alignment = Above
  • Template = – select a template –

This will not generate any label information. No gap is generated as it is done when you select “No Label”.

The following image shows how it looks like with Label Template set to “No Label”.

2 thoughts on “Tabular Form alignment with page items

  1. Hello Patrick,

    You blog is a must have in apex developer favorites.
    I come here every single day 🙂
    Thanks for the sharings.

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