SQL Workshop – Commands: Keyboard Shortcut

Did you know that you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Return in the SQL Commands textarea of the Oracle APEX SQL Workshop application to execute the current SQL statement?

That’s really nice, especially if you are used to it from PL/SQL Developer/TOAD.

3 thoughts on “SQL Workshop – Commands: Keyboard Shortcut

  1. that’s a great shortcut key indeed. Much better than grabbing your mouse and find the “run” button over and over again.

  2. Patrick,

    The only problem is when you keep on pressing F5 (SQL Developer style), which, of course, in the browser refreshes the window and you lose your query!! Annoying!

    Another neat trick with the SQL Workshop worth mentioning here is the ability to select a section of a query to run, very useful when debugging.


  3. That’s a nice one! Didn’t know that either.

    But maybe because I only use the SQL Workshop when it’s the only possibility (like on apex.oracle.com). Normally I tend to use a “real” IDE for coding/writing queries, like PL/SQL Developer.


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