Spread of APEX

A year ago Bernhard Fischer-Wasels blogged about how many APEX application pages he found with Google (search for inurl:/pls/htmldb). On the 23-Dec-2005 he found about 19.000 entries.

How many do you thing do we find 1 year later? Guess…

Google finds 162.000 entries!!!

What an increase! How many do you guess do we have next year? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Spread of APEX

  1. Edward you are right! But the last time I checked the inurl:/pls/apex search it was ignorable (just 640 entries) compared to the htmldb search. But maybe that changes if we search next year… 🙂

  2. And that does not show sites that are setup with different paths from /pls/htmldb
    (quite easy to do)

    for instance I set the apex modhandler to /widget

    to bad google can’t search inurl:f?p= (it ignores ? and =)

  3. That is for sites not firewalled – we have a few open, but the majority not – I would guess the growth rate as far higher than 19000 to 162000.

    What a brilliant product – but when oh when is 4.0 going to be released.

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