Should you consider Apache 2.0 for an Oracle APEX installation?

Just read a very interesting posting by Joel Kallman, titled Oracle HTTP Server, Apache 2.0 and connection pooling. Before Oracle 11g, mod_plsql was just available for Apache 1.3 which had one big drawback on Unix systems. Apache 1.3 just supports a process model which prevents that mod_plsql can really take use of a database connection pool, because each process has his own “dedicated” database session which can’t be shared across process bounders.

That’s different to Apache on Windows which uses a thread model and allows to share the database connections between the threads. Apache 2.0 has been enhanced to support a thread model on Unix too. Check out Joel’s posting for further details. In my opinion that are good news for Oracle APEX running on a Unix based Apache, because that should normally decrease the number of database sessions in your database.

BTW, I like to welcome Joel in the Oracle APEX blogging community!

He told me during OOW that he had started a blog some time ago, but actually nobody knows about it (also not his team) and I had to be quit until someone discovers him. Or at least that’s what I remember from a long evening in the pubs… 🙂

But today he had his public “outing” by being added to OraNA, so it’s my time to introduce his blog to the Oracle APEX community. If you don’t know Joel, he is the Software Development Manager for Oracle APEX. Give him a warm welcome!

BTW, Joel you had a quite good start with the number of posts this year, much better than last year. 🙂 Keep up posting!