Setting a "Case Restriction" for Page Items/Tabular Form Columns

That’s the last posting about new features in the 1.02 release of the ApexLib Framework.

Ever wanted to set a case restriction (uppercase/lowercase/capitalize) for a field like you can do it in Oracle*Forms with the “Case Restriction” property?

Here you go!

There are three new ApexLib hints called


which can be set in the Page Item Comment or for Tabular Form Columns in the “Link Attributes” property.

If you set such a hint, the ApexLib Framework will automatically generate the necessary code for the browser and will also make sure that the values are stored with the correct case restriction when the page is submitted.

You can test this feature on the ApexLib Feature Demonstration site.

3 thoughts on “Setting a "Case Restriction" for Page Items/Tabular Form Columns

  1. You have to give more details what you actually mean bei “How to write test case in tabular form”.

  2. Starts to look as a masking option. Something I’m really missing in Apex. I now use javascript to capture the key pressed an process this to return the key value or not. But it would be nice if there would be something to implement masks for alfanumeric, numeric, and date / time input. I saw some javascript solutions for this, but all based on a complete javascript framework. A basic masking functionality in ApexLib would be great. A complete masking would be even more great ;-). Anyway, great work with the framework, Patrick!

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