Securest Oracle APEX ever – Version 3.2 Released!

It’s finally out! The newest release of Oracle APEX is now available for public download. Beside the already mentioned Oracle Forms Conversion, this release also adds many new security enhancements to the product to make it the securest Oracle APEX ever! As David Peake the product manager of Oracle APEX mentions on his blog

With every new release there are a number of additional security enhancements the development team adds. However, this release introduces a significant number of new security capabilities. So even if you aren’t interested in converting Oracle Forms to APEX it is still strongly recommended that you upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

Anton Nielsen, also best known for his “Hacking Oracle APEX presentation” looked closer at the new security enhancements and blogged about his findings. Also have a look at the tutorial about the new security features created by the APEX team.

Beside the Oracle Forms Migration and the Security Enhancements, I’m pretty sure that a lot of bug fixing has also be done under the hood of Oracle APEX to make it more stable and reliable. That’s why I would recommend everybody to get the newest release and upgrade as soon as possible. The download file for the new release can be found on OTN.

BTW, if you have a look at the start page of, you will also notice that is has now a fresher look and feel. I like it!

3 thoughts on “Securest Oracle APEX ever – Version 3.2 Released!

  1. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for sharing great knowledge you have on Oracle Apex.Your blog is really useful.To comment on Security of Oracle Apex, I feel that Apex security can not be marked as complete unless it provides straightforward integration with secure LDAP servers.Since most of corporates use LDAP servers with SSL, I feel that Apex should come with SSL based LDAP integration.Although I understand that Apex 3.1 itself can be integrated with SSL based ldap using dbms_ldap, it’s not straight forward and there are no clearcut guidelines for apex users.

  2. Hi Patrik,

    Thanks for sharing the Knowledge you have on Oracle APEX.
    I am very new to APEX,using Version 3.2 and was wondering how do you take care of the Content Management. As I see it doesn’t have any of that facility.I was wondering if I was not looking in the right place. Could you please have a brief blog regarding CMing APEX.

    Thank you,
    Vamshi Jampala

  3. Hi,

    Oracle APEX is not really a content management system. It’s a development tool for web applications. Sure you could build a CMS system with it, but that’s a totally different story.


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