Seamless integration of ApexLib into the APEX Builder IDE

One of the “drawbacks” of using the ApexLib Framework is, that you have to remember all the “ApexLib Hints” which you have to use to configure the runtime behavior of the framework.

Ok, after some time you are getting used to them, but still, wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to set this properties as you do it for the APEX properties?

With the new version of the APEX Builder Plugin you are now able to do that!

On the APEX Builder Pages “Edit Page Item”, “Edit Region – Region Definition” and “Report Attributes > Column Attributes” you now have a new section “ApexLib Framework” with the possible properties in that context.

Try it out and download the new version!

2 thoughts on “Seamless integration of ApexLib into the APEX Builder IDE

  1. Excellent tool!

    I think it would be great if the item validation actually used the defined validation schemes since we’re having to store the business logic twice then.

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