Running the APEX Builder IDE in your native language

Running the Oracle APEX Builder IDE or any other development environment with an other language than English can sometimes be really, let’s say “irritating”. 🙂

For example, if you are used to English database errors and you read the same German errors the first time you sometimes really scratch your head and ask yourself what does this error message mean? Understanding the English translations is sometimes really hard and it doesn’t really help that the message is now in your native language which you normally understand… 🙂

I always avoid having this hassles, because I read a lot of English tutorials, documentation, postings, … which makes it sometimes really hard to find the appropriate German translation.

But how can you change the language of the APEX Builder IDE?

It’s quite easy. APEX uses the Browsers language setting to determine the Builder IDE language. Just add a “English [en]” before your native language.

Firefox: Tools/Options…/Advanced/Languages
IE: Extras/Internet Options…/Languages

4 thoughts on “Running the APEX Builder IDE in your native language

  1. Hello Patrick,
    it’s Flavio here!

    Technical translations are usually a pain in the ass. It’s now 18 years or so since i made my first technical translation back in 1989, it was a translation of the Borland Turbo C 3.0 Reference Guide and it was followed shortly by the Turbo Pascal User’s Guide.
    At that time it was still possible to find awful italian translations in bookstores that made good books simply unreadable, just because the translator hadn’t a clue as to what the meaning of a sentence really was. Luckily the situation has improved over the years.

    But to come back to Apex translations, i found that, in general, Oracle Apex’s translations are very good, the spanish version of Apex 3.0 for instance is really accurate, but honestly i didn’t try out the german one yet!

    At any rate, recently i began to include translated messages at Oraclequirks but i see that 99.99% of the people are submitting searches using english words, regardless of their origin.

    As a final note, let me add that although the “derive primary language from browser” setting is very powerful, i prefer the other option of letting the user decide the language he prefers, by looking at the FSP_LANGUAGE_PREFERENCE item. This avoids the annoyance of changing the order of the favourite languages in browser that may impact on the visualization of other sites.


  2. Hi Flavio,

    the German translation is probably ok if you never used the English one before and probably make sens. But if you are used the English terms, then you sometimes have to think twice to identify the proper value. For example the item types 🙂

    FSP_LANGUAGE_PREFERENCE is probably the best to define the application language. BTW, I just created an enhancement request on the OTN forum so that the APEX Builder IDE is also using it.


  3. Hello Patrick,

    My application has been migrated to Apex 3.1 and I installed the translations in Spanish (language=”es”). When I try to enter the application (in page: http://cdelafue-es:7777/pls/htmldb) I get the error “ERR-1016 Application “4550” Page “11” not found (requested language=”es”) “.

    Does anyone know the issue?


  4. Hello Patrick,

    thank you for the hint!
    But is there meanwhile no other way to change the APEX IDE language? Always switching between English (best for APEX Development) and German (for typical web browsing) is a little bit annoying.
    (Extras – Internet Options – Settings – Language)
    Or do you know a faster shortcut to accomplish this?


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