Passed the 100.000 page view boundary

Just noticed that according to StatCounter I passed the 100.000 page view boundary today. On Google Analytics it looks like that I have passed it already several days ago, because there it shows more than 115.000 page views.

Want to have some statistics?

  • On 22nd Nov 2006 I started my blog with the Generic Solution for cascading select lists/LOVs,
  • since than I have written 137 postings.
  • Between 350 and 500 unique visitors get astray to my blog each day.
  • The generate between 600 and 1000 page views during there visit.
  • According to Feedburner, my blog feed has 273 subscribers.
  • The best day so far was on May 15th, with 606 visitors and 1,508 page views.
  • The weekends are lousy, only during the week I have the above statistics.
  • Google is the only search engine which brings in a lot of visitors.
  • A reason for that could be that I’m listed on the first page if you search for Oracle APEX.
  • Most visitors are using Firefox on Windows,
  • have a screen resolution of 1280×1024 or above and are
  • coming from the United States.

But compared to some other Oracle related blogs, I have a small blog. But hey, I need some room for grow 🙂

Some screen captures with the statistics

The rest are from Google Analytics, because it has much nicer graphics than StatCounter…

Let’s see how long it takes to pass the next 100.000 page views…

One thought on “Passed the 100.000 page view boundary

  1. Congratulations Patrick.

    Impressive stats… I think you must be the “Tom Kyte” under the Apex Bloggers 😉

    Well done,

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