Österreich: Oracle APEX Workshop – Der schnelle Weg zu Web-Applikationen

The following blog posting is in German, because it targets just the German speaking Austrian people.

Sie verwenden schon Oracle APEX und wollen einen Arbeitskollegen auch von den Vorteilen von Application Express überzeugen? Gemeinsam mit den Kollegen vom Austrian Competence Center for Oracle APEX halte ich am 16. Juni 2009 einen Einführungsworkshop zu Oracle APEX.
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Spreadsheet Master – He is the man! ;-)

Just came across a new fun video produced by Jeff Erickson (Oracle Publishing) who runs the blog Tech Spectator. He writes about the challenges they are facing to producing some kind of new videos which are not the regular talking heads or corporate profiles. I really like the outcome, not just because it’s about Oracle Application Express (APEX). But see yourself!

The Spreadsheet Master – He is the man!

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Is your Oracle APEX session timing out?

You have upgraded to Oracle APEX 3.2 and are getting kicked out of your Oracle APEX Builder each time you are going back to your browser window after you have worked on something else for some time? For the last few days I had this problem quite often and it annoyed me a little bit. Being sure that this behavior is configurable, I asked Anthony Rayner during a chat where I can change that. Continue reading