Oracle APEX 4.0 Early Adopter Release 3 available! has just been updated with Oracle APEX 4.0 Early Adopter Release 3. Have a look!

We are now feature complete and appreciate any help testing all those features. A detailed list with the new features should be available soon. For plug-ins I have extended the apex_plugin_util package with additional useful functions. Check them out! They will make your life a lot easier and improve the quality and security of your plug-ins.

To sign up for a new workspace go to!

Note: For those who had a workspace on the EA2 machine, you will have to sign up for a new workspace. Your existing applications on EA2 will be available for some time so that you can copy them over.

Our team mate Scott died

This morning we received the really sad news that we lost our team mate Scott Spadafore. Many of you know him (sspadafo) from the OTN APEX forum where he tirelessly tried to help people who had questions or problems with APEX.

If you like to condolence, please do so in the posting of my manager. Let’s pay a last time respect to Scott and his wife.

Scott you will be missed!

Oracle APEX 4.0: Cascading LOVs/Select Lists

One of the new features of Early Adopter 2 are Cascading LOVs/Select Lists. I’m pretty sure that almost every APEX developer had already the requirement to refresh a child select list when a parent select list was changed. For example you pick a department in the first select list and the second should just show employees of that department. There are two solutions to solve that: Continue reading

Oracle APEX 4.0 Early Adopter Release 2 available! has just been updated to our new Oracle APEX 4.0 Early Adopter Release 2. Have a look, there are many new features, like WebSheets for example. A detailed list will be made available on Monday. I have also updated my plug-in example application with new plug-ins. Tutorials will follow soon. You can check it out at To sign up for a new workspace go to!

Follow Oracle APEX on Twitter!

For a long time I didn’t see any use case why I should use Twitter. A friend even registered an account for me more two years ago, but I never used it. Why should I write 140 char messages what I’m currently doing? That’s really not that interesting! But since I joined the Oracle APEX team a year ago it’s different. Continue reading