Oracle APEX team needs your help!

It’s your chance to help the Oracle APEX team to spreading the word about Oracle APEX. They want to convince the Oracle eBusiness Suite/Oracle Applications team to formally legitimize the use of Oracle Application Express with the Oracle eBusiness Suite/Applications. I think that would be another huge step to get Oracle APEX into more companies if it can be officially used to write custom applications in that environment.

But they need your help! Check out David Peake’s blog posting for more details.

10 thoughts on “Oracle APEX team needs your help!

  1. I’m not an “E-Business Suite guy”, I’m a DBA, but I think the concern is changing the E-Business Suite data without going through apps? If an APEX app alters data it shouldn’t, won’t that make it harder to support? Now, I think the internal teams could work to deploy apps and maybe create an API for them to interact safely?

    Just a thought.

  2. @ Tom-
    I hear your concern, although I would think an apex app for oracle e-business suite might not have to be focused on entering/altering the actual data. And if it was to have that requirement, of course security measures can easily be implemented….

  3. Hi Tom,

    what I know from the past, eBusiness Suite has a lot of official PL/SQL APIs which can be used to create or alter data. There are a lot of custom Oracle Forms applications out there which extend the functionality of the eBusiness Suite. Forms is supported, APEX doesn’t seem to be supported in that environment. But I think it would make a lot of sense for example to create shrink down data entry screens or some self service applications.


  4. But if Apex becomes more popular, Oracle will start charging an arm and a leg for it. Then I won’t be able to use it anymore and will have to go back to MS Reporting Services.

  5. I was using E Bussiness Suite vision 1200 and its very big software pack. More then 70000 objects in databases (1200 tables) and I had problem using start (initials) forms. Think that APEX with light forms offer better using with this application.

  6. First step would be to get Oracle internally to start using it. The team that supports the Internal Oracle ERP system and some of their internal apps are trying to move away from Apex because they dont understand its potential.

  7. To my knowledge, Oracle ERP / Oracle E-Business Suite / Oracle Applications is all the same. Just follow the standard link and fill out the survey.


  8. Hi Patrick,

    U r really APEX Expert , i follow ur blogs.

    I need ur help .

    Can u tell me how to integrate the APEX with Oracle E Business Suite 11.5

    Nandini Thakur.

  9. Hi Nandini,

    we should have out a whitepaper soon about integrating APEX with EBS.


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