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On Friday I had to do some work on an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application of a client which I did some time ago. I had to create a new region next to an existing region on a page which had already several other regions on it. Normally no big problem, you would just use the “Column” property of the region and you are done. To make it short, it didn’t work because of the layout of the template and the existing regions which are already using the “Column” property.

So I had to work with the “Display Point” property of the region, to “reset/close” the HTML table of the previous regions and start with a new fresh HTML table which has it’s own cells/columns, … But what is the best “Display Point”, especially if you are not that familiar with your page template position placeholders anymore?

Do I have to open the page template definition and check out the HTML code of the template and look for the #REGION_POSITION_XX# placeholders? No you don’t have to!

On Friday I re-discovered a nice little feature of Oracle APEX which I’m pretty sure I have already seen when first looking at Oracle APEX, but which I totally forgot about. Every clicked on the “Flashlight” next to the “Display Point” select list? It shows you a rendered preview of your page template with the position of the different “Display Points” in your template. A nice feature!

There are so many useful little features built into the Oracle APEX Builder we are most time not aware of during our daily development work. Especially if you are working for a longer time with a tool, you think you know it and you are not that curios anymore to try out and search for features not yet used. But there are some many useful features built in which are sometimes a little bit hidden. I already wrote about some of them, like

to just name a few of them.

Do you know other nice features which are not used that often? Share your Oracle APEX Builder tips and tricks!

2 thoughts on “Oracle APEX Page Template Position Preview

  1. Hi Patrick !

    Your blog is very useful. I am novice in using APEX. Is it possible to tell APEX which part of the region is fix and others are flexible ( I meam e.g. righ side is flexible, but bottom side is not.)?

    Thanks !

  2. HI experts I have an issue..

    I have a apex region type “report” then I perform my SELECT statement and show me for example 5 fields, then in the properties of this regions I change 2 fields to editable values so I need to send the new values to another page, this new values were typed but the page still send the initial value has been got it from select statement, HO HOW I can get the new value types by the end users?

    thansk in advance… apologize my english!

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