Oracle APEX in the Cloud – It works!!! Try it out!

A few weeks ago David Peake asked if somebody is already running Oracle APEX in the cloud, but today we are already a step further!

Jason Straub from the APEX development team has put together a step by step instruction for setting up an Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express in the “cloud” aka Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). You can even test drive his Amazon EC2 APEX instance!

I think that’s a great new possibility for making an Oracle APEX applications available on the Internet. With full control of the database and the operating software. But be aware that you have to take care of the backup, … by yourself. If you don’t need full control and don’t want to have all the hassle, consider using one of the available Oracle APEX Hosting providers.

One thought on “Oracle APEX in the Cloud – It works!!! Try it out!

  1. Hi Patrick

    My name is Carlos Rabadan I use to work as a EBS developer and I’m from Monterrey Mexico, first of all let me say congratulations, your blog it is really good, I have learn a lot from here, I’,m sending you this post because I have a question and I hope you can give me some orientation, we are starting to use APEX and Interactive Reports (users are really happy using them), but as always it is never enough, they are asking now by Sharing their Interactive Reports, I read that APEX it has not thit functionality, the question is, it is there a workaround to share or copy IR from a user to otrer?, or do you know if this functionality comes in the next APEX version?

    Thanks in advance
    Carlos R

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