Oracle APEX: Got a 404 Not Found?

Maybe you also already got the 404 Not Found error message

The requested URL /pls/apex/wwv_flow.accept was not found on this server.

when you submit an Oracle APEX page, …

There are a lot of reasons why this error can occur. But the above error message doesn’t tell you a lot about the root cause of the problem. The real error message can be found on your Apache Web server in the Apache\Apache\logs\error_log.xxxxx file. There you will find and entry like

[Thu Apr  3 ...] mod_plsql: /pls/htmldb/wwv_flow.accept HTTP-404
wwv_flow.accept: SIGNATURE (parameter names) MISMATCH

Without the above information, you have no chance to find out what’s causing the 404 error. But the problem is, that most developers don’t have access to the application server.

You don’t have to!

Just put

<Location /pls/apex>
 PlsqlErrorStyle  DebugStyle

into your dads.conf/marvel.conf and after restarting the Apache server you will get the error message directly in your browser.

For more details about PlsqlErrorStyle, have a look at the documentation.

Note: Only use this setting on developments systems, because on production systems a hacker might get more information as he should!

Credit for this tip goes to Dietmar Aust!

9 thoughts on “Oracle APEX: Got a 404 Not Found?

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  2. Hi, Patrick! And what if I use apex with embedded pl/sql gateway. There is no Apache web server outside. In this case, where these log files with errors description could be placed? I have no idea though I need it indeed.

  3. Localized problem.
    A nice colleague of us caring Company (DBA) has found in Internernet the statement.
    Guilt is a bug in OracleXE that occurs when using Database link (Declaration Metalink 6798427.8).

    Accordingly, I can not use the XE database as planned, because I wanted APEX run on XE-database, and everything connected via DB link with the environment.

    Too bad the XE is certainly not maked “bug-free”.



  4. Many thanks for this information. This helped us to locate faster and easily problems, which have nothing to do with the APEX applications itself but with the environment.

  5. Good to see the error message rather than 404 error. I had been updating APEX with a hope that it will fix the problem but it appears that issue is inherited from XE Database that cannot be patched. Oracle does offer XE for free but unfortunately there is no support or patching and with License Agreement it is not clear whether the later patch that fixes this error on database will violate the XE license.

  6. Hi Patrick,
    Do you have any tips for checking the cause of the 404 error on a hosted instance?? I have been getting this error on a couple of my pages since the recent APEX 4.0, and it is causing my users a lot of grief (kids, by the way!!!). I am afraid I don’t know where to start investigating…
    Many thanks!

  7. Hi Patrick, this really helped me out.
    An unable to extend error caused the problem. Wouldn’t have thought of that so quickly!
    Thanks again.

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