Oracle APEX Builder Plugin v1.7 release!

Oracle APEX Builder Plugin version 1.7 is now available!

Not heard about this plugin yet? It’s a Firefox/Internet Explorer extension to enhance the usability/productivity of the Oracle APEX Builder IDE. It adds

So what’s new?

Do you also have a screen which is bigger than 800×600 for your Oracle APEX development? Have you ever noticed that it looks like that the textareas on the Oracle APEX Builder pages where we enter our SQL statements, PL/SQL code,… are designed to fit for this resolution? A lot of space is unused next to the textareas. It would be much better if the textarea would use it so that we can put a little bit more code into a line.

That’s exactly what the new version of the plugin does. It adjusts the width of the textareas to use this unused space!

Another new feature is the “Repad sequence numbers” configuration for the “Set” feature of the plugin, which you can use to renumber the sequence numbers of your page items, … in the bulk edit pages. Thanks again Anthony Rayner for providing the configuration!

Note: With this release I have also upgraded the internally used jQuery library to the newest release. Unfortunately a few features have been removed in the newest version. Please check the “Upgrading the Plugin” section in the HowToInstall file for details. It was also necessary to update the configuration files for the ApexLib integration, please get the new set from the ApexLib download page. And don’t forget to clear the browser cache when to have replaced the config files!

Get it now!

Download it from the Oracle APEX Builder Plugin homepage and check the HowToInstall file for all the necessary steps to install it.

What is planned for the next release?

I’m currently playing with the integration of an editor which offers syntax highlighting, auto indent, search/replace, bracket matching, full window editor, … instead of the boring textareas.

I’m currently looking for beta testers to test and to give input. The following is a screen capture of the integration. So if you are interested, send me a mail. You can find it in my blog profile.

7 thoughts on “Oracle APEX Builder Plugin v1.7 release!

  1. That’s exactly the look and feel that I would love to see within APEX for all SQL and PL/SQL type textareas! Very similar to TOAD and/or TextPad.

    Keep up the good work!

    Stephane Vinette

  2. Would be nice, but very hard to implement.

    For the keywords it should be possible, but for variables someone would have to write a PL/SQL parser in Javascript and for database object (eg. tables) code completion the plugin would have to have a server side component with full access to the database which would raise some security concerns…

    Let’s start first with syntax highlighting and some additional editing options 🙂


  3. Patrick,

    Thanks for the mention!! I see 1.8 is out already, you are an APEX machine!

    Well done.

  4. Hi,
    I know I’m somehow “late” for this thread, but I found pretty interesting the syntax highlighting feature that you had planned.
    Are you still planning to release it?

    Or, since you are now working in the Apex development team, are considering to include it as an enhancement of the Apex Builder itself?

    Best regards,
    Pedro Vitorino

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