Oracle APEX Builder Plugin available for Internet Explorer

The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is now also available for Internet Explorer!

For a long time I was looking for a Greasemonkey like add-on for Internet Explorer. I found several of them, like Greasemonkey for IE, Trixie or Turnabout. But the drawback of all of them is that they are not maintained anymore. In most cases development stopped already more than a year ago and the homepages do not mention if they work with Internet Explorer 7 or not.

On Saturday I finally found IE7Pro, which supports IE 6/7. And the good news is that it’s actively developed. It has some other features too, but I was just interested in the scripting feature.

After adapting my Greasemonkey APEX Builder Plugin script yesterday, I’m proud to announce Oracle APEX Builder Plugin release 1.6 with support for Internet Explorer and Firefox!

Internet Explorer users can now gain the same productivity enhancements in there Oracle APEX Builder as Firefox users. Like

Download the new version and follow the HowTo Install file for the necessary installation and configuration steps.

2 thoughts on “Oracle APEX Builder Plugin available for Internet Explorer

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I must say excellent work! Just wanted to switch to FF to try the Builder Plugin (after good results with Apexlib), but I don’t need to do that anymore.

    But I noticed the config directory 1.4 release had a lot more files, for instance 1.6 is missing the very usefull “apex_builder_plugin_422_apexlib.js”.


  2. Hi Ralph,

    thanks! You should still consider to switch to FF. The Firebug add-on you can get for FF is a real time saver. I currently don’t see an equivalent for IE.

    The specific “apex_builder_plugin_*_apexlib.js” config files are now contained in the ApexLib distribution itself. You can find them in the BuilderPlugin directory.


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