Oracle APEX 5.0 Available for Download!

After a longer development cycle than usual, Oracle Application Express 5.0 is finally available for download! I think it was worth the wait. It comes with a ton of features, here are just a few marquee features.

  • Page Designer
  • Universal Theme
  • Modal Dialogs
  • Interactive Report Enhancements
  • New Calendar component
  • Flexible Workspace Authentication
  • many more smaller features

Check out our newly designed to download the new release and try it out with your own applications!

As in the past, your existing applications should work as before without having to make any modifications. But please read the Change of Behavior, Deprecated and Desupported chapters in our Release NotesĀ before you immediately upgrade your production system! šŸ˜‰

In addition, the Installation GuideĀ has slightly changed, especially to ConfigureĀ Static File Support. Please read and follow it carefully!

Thanks again for all the testing and feedbackĀ provided on our three Early Adopter releases. It was invaluable for us to release an as stable product as possible!

But now it’s time to download it and test it on your own system! Have fun!

While you are downloading, you might want to read Oracle Application Express 5 – The Unofficial Announcement and Oracle Application Express 5.0 now available by my colleagues Joel Kallman and Marc Sewtz and also the official announcement Oracle Announces Oracle Application Express 5.

6 thoughts on “Oracle APEX 5.0 Available for Download!

  1. Thanks!

    FYI when I click on Get Started on the landing page, I get 3 cards, clicking on any of these 3 doesn’t do anything šŸ™

  2. Even the Sign In link at the top doesn’t work in Firefox. Cleared cache and all that. Still no go.

  3. No errors. Works fine in a brand new Firefox profile. Just my usual profile is broken. Did History > Forget this site. Ctrl+F5, nothing works. Strange.

  4. Encountering lots of bugs…

    When setting a label on a button it doesnt show.
    With dynamic actions can access the values of existing page items all seems to be empty. I tried nvl(:P3_TO, :P3_FROM) but this doesnt do shit.

  5. Hi Niels,

    can you please post the issues you have on our dedicated APEX discussion forum at

    If you could also create a test case on where your issue reproduces this would help us a lot to help you as efficient as possible. Please also don’t forget to include the steps how to reproduce your issue in your forum posting.


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