Oracle APEX 4.2.1 Patch Set released!

Oracle Application Express has just been released and is available for download. The patch set can be downloaded from My Oracle Support (search for patch# 14732511) and the full distribution is available on Oracle Technology Network.

In the APEX 4.2.1 Patch Set Note you will find the 120 bugs which got fixed and also other interesting information like the known issues.

Have fun upgrading!

2 thoughts on “Oracle APEX 4.2.1 Patch Set released!

  1. I’ve tried the upgrade from Apex 4.0 to 4.2.1 and all seemed to be ok.

    But then, testing application I had some ORA-01460 errors.

    APEX is running on dedicated 11.2 server, but the application need to retrive data from an old financial application based on db 8.1.7 and from an erp application based on db 10.2.
    To do this, on APEX db we have some views using, via dblink, views defined on target servers.

    The error rises executing query on the 8.1.7 db if the query uses APEX shared items.

    As example:
    The application has to work for different companies of the group: when the user logs in, he must choose which company to work for; this information (2 char code) is stored in a shared item (APPL_COMPANY).

    When I go to exec the query:

    select a,b,c from myview where company = :APPL_COMPANY

    I have the error if the target db is the old one (on 10.2 I had no errors, at the moment).

    But if I try to modify the APEX query:

    select a,b,c from myview where company = ‘XX’

    all is ok.

    And, obviously, all is ok using APEX 4.0.

    So, can you suggest some workaround for this problem?


  2. Maybe someone can find this usefull …

    I solved the ORA-01460 problem in this way:

    on APEX server I have created a simple function accepting a VARCHAR2 parameter and returning a fixed length CHAR.

    CREATE FUNCTION set_app_var (p_val IN VARCHAR2)
    l_val char(400);

    l_val := trim(p_val);
    RETURN l_val;


    Then I changed all application queries using shared items to use the function with the shared item as parameter.

    Now application is running ok.


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