Oracle APEX 3.0 released in the coming week?

Is the coming week the release date for the upcoming Oracle APEX 3.0?

If you go to you will see the following message

Quite a long “maintenance” window, isn’t it? If you combine that with the recent developer comments in the APEX 3.0 feedback application, someone could guess that they are applying the new release to during that maintenance window…

But hey, it’s just a guess 🙂 What do you think, will we see it next week?

2 thoughts on “Oracle APEX 3.0 released in the coming week?

  1. During our seminar last week, someone in the audience asked how the licensing would be for the integration Apex and BI Publisher;
    the consultant of Oracle Belgium couldn’t give an answer, but said that “they had still a week to decide which policy they will follow ” …

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