Oracle APEX 3.0 close to completion?

Is the APEX 3.0 development already close to completion?

If you read some of the development responses in the APEX 3.0 Feedback application

[…] I have logged a bug but it won’t be fixed for 3.0 because we have already sent our translations out and even though this would not be a new string […]

it really looks like that they are coming into a state where they don’t do any fundamental changes anymore.

But I’m sure the APEX development is happy if you help them find bugs in the new features so that APEX 3.0 is a really stable development environment when it gets released. Or as Carl would say it

I’m sure he’d be thrilled to get bug reports and feature requests who doesn’t want more work?

So get your b… up, logon to the evaluation instance of APEX 3.0 and do a shake down test of the new features! Together we can help them to create a stable new release with a lot of nice new features!

For all the existing testers, to my knowledge the evaluation instance has been refreshed on Feb. 20. So check out what has already been fixed!

2 thoughts on “Oracle APEX 3.0 close to completion?

  1. Hi Delfino,

    yes habe already tested it on the evaluation instance of APEX 3.0 and it works without any modification.

    In the case if there should really be an incompatibility in the future, I’m pretty sure it will not last very long… 🙂


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