Oracle 11g some more infos

Just noticed that Oracle has put some more information about Oracle 11g onto OTN.

There are a lot of whitepapers available on OTN. For example the Oracle Database 11g New Features Overview which even mentions Oracle APEX! Ok, they mention it on the last page, but at least! 🙂

Another interesting read is Oracle Database 11g Application Development which gives an interesting overview of the new PL/SQL enhancements in Oracle 11g like

  • PL/SQL native compilation: it’s now much easier, no extra C compiler and no linking, …
  • SQL Query Result Cache: sounds very promising to speed up some lookup SQL statements for configuration data
  • PL/SQL Function Result Cache: like SQL Query Result Cache, I think sometimes really useful if you have functions which are based on tables which do not change very often
  • Fine Grained Dependency Tracking: that’s also a nice one. It helps to speed up your application deployment, because it keeps better track of the dependencies between database objects and PL/SQL packages to avoids unnecessary invalidation of packages
  • PL/SQL Scope: read that for the first time, but that could be interesting to build some nice QA reports of your PL/SQL code. Hope to get more information about that soon.
  • PL/SQL Profiler enhancements: to get even more statistics about your executed PL/SQL code.

Can’t wait to get a grab on some more detail documentation about this features and the new built-in packages in Oracle 11g. BTW, this document gives again a quick introduction into Oracle APEX. This time on page 6 🙂

Arup Nanda does a series about “Oracle Database 11g: Top New Features for DBAs and Developers” which you should also check out.


Watch the Oracle launch video.