No posting for a week, how could that be?

Maybe you have already wondered why I didn’t post anything the last week, but I was out of town.

Sphinx IT Consulting, the company I’m working for participated as partner at the Oracle Roadshow “Innovations & Experiences” which toured through some cities (Linz, Graz, Vienna) of Austria. The motto of our company was to show people who want to go the Web 2.0 way, that there also other technologies than Java/.Net to do it.

Especially if you have an Oracle-Forms, PL/SQL and SQL background and your application business logic is stored as PL/SQL packages in the database, you may are looking for other possibilities to leverage your existing code and your skills to get it Web ready.

That’s why we demonstrated two tools:

  • WebMagic4DB, a tools which we have build for one of our customers to leverage the existing PL/SQL infrastructure and knowledge of there developers. It consists of a flexible Echo 2 based runtime framework which is driven by a repository and messages from PL/SQL packages. This allows a very flexible and fast development, where you are still able to do all the business logic in PL/SQL and do a smooth transition to Java.
  • Oracle APEX as a good and powerful alternative to JDeveloper/ADF for Web development.

I was “choosen” by our sales department to be responsible for the technical part, so that the people not just hear the marketing “bla bla” 😉

It was quite interesting and it gave me the possibility to talk with people out there and convince them that there are other ways to web-enable an application than with Java.

Beside of that I also got some infos from customers who are already using APEX. For example the Austrian military is considering APEX to get rid of 22.000 MS Access/Excel applications which are used all over the country. There problem is, that in the past a lot of small applications have been created in the different military stations/deparments/… by recruits during there service time (we have to go to the army) to help them with administrative jobs. But this data is hard to backup, secure, forces duplicate data entry, and so on and that’s why they are thinking to centralize that. Sounds interesting.

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