New Features in Oracle APEX 3.1 – update of Evaluation Instance

The beta testers have been informed that the Evaluation Instance of Oracle APEX 3.1 has been refreshed last Friday. Looks like that I was lucky with my The undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1 posting, because without knowing it I was already working on the new version.

But there is more new stuff, which I didn’t discover. Read the announcement mail from the APEX team.

Thanks again for all your participation in our public evaluation instance of Application Express 3.1. We wanted to let you know that late last Friday, we upgraded the evaluation instance to bring it up to date with our development. If you haven’t used your workspace in a while, now is the time to check it out again. Interactive Reports should be more stable and you will be able to try out our new BLOB support. Deinstall and install the Sample Application – some BLOB support using images has been included on the home tab and on the Products tab. You can also create an application, page or report and include a column that is a BLOB then edit the column or item and click the new link below the format or source to see the full format – more info to come in our doc and on the comments site. If you find any new issues, please report them using the feedback application. The link is also available from within the hosted Application Express 3.1 evaluation instance Home page.

As you can see from the feedback application, I already did some testing of the new BLOB feature. But your help is also needed! Register if you haven’t done it yet and start testing this new beta version!!