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A few days ago I noticed that I have never blogged about two important events where I have been involved last year. As you may have noticed I’m doing a lot with Oracle Application Express, so does the company (Sphinx IT) I’m working for. We are an Oracle shop so we know most of the products Oracle offers, but we noticed that there are still a lot of customers here in Austria who didn’t know about Oracle APEX. Together with Oracle Austria we thought we have to change that!

Austrian Competence Center for Oracle APEX

LTR: Marc Sewtz, Patrick Wolf, Ingrid Kriegl, Carsten Czarski

ltr. Marc Sewtz, Patrick Wolf, Ingrid Kriegl, Carsten Czarski

We wanted to spread the word about it, making it as popular as it is in Germany. Together with Oracle Austria we founded the Austrian Competence Center for Oracle APEX in July 2008.

For the Grand Opening Gala, we had the honor to have Marc Sewtz from the Oracle APEX development team and Carsten Czarski from the German Oracle APEX community as keynote speakers. It was a great event and after the “hard” work we invited the attendees to a whisky tasting. Check out the pictures of the event.

After a short summer break we started our event series with a general introduction event about Oracle APEX. More that 40 people joined us, which is a great outcome for such a small country as Austria. Check out the pictures of the event. There is even a video of my presentation available. 😉

Natascha Tükör

Natascha Tükör

At the end of October 2008 we targeted the Oracle Forms developers with an event. In our opinion they are the perfect future Oracle APEX developers. They know SQL, PL/SQL and are familiar with declarative development, … From our personal experience they are productive APEX developers in no time! My college Natascha did a great presentation and afterward we had really interesting discussions with more than 35 attendees. Check out the pictures of the event.

November was the month to finally set up a web site for the Competence Center. You can find the web site at Aren’t the models good looking on the pictures? *ggg* We thought it’s more personal to have some members of the competence center on the pictures than using one of the everywhere used perfect looking “stock photo” models.

In December we did a presentation at an “external” event. Natascha and myself traveled to Nürnberg, Germany to speak at the DOAG conference. Both presentation where really well received. I event had to do my presentation a second time!

Der Oracle APEX Experten Blog

No competence center without it’s own blog! A day before Christmas, Natascha started our blog with a posting about our DOAG stay and we have been busy since than to write new postings on a weekly base. The blog can be found at, check it out!

Upcoming events

By the way, if you are interested in one of our upcoming events or want to register for the next event which is planned in April, send a mail to The next event will cover the new Oracle APEX 3.2 and the included Forms Converter.

That’s it for 2008. I hope 2009 will be as exciting for the Competence Center as 2008!


3 thoughts on “New Competence Center for Oracle APEX – New Oracle APEX Blog

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Congrats, fantastic intiative & great looking site

    Great to know that Austrian Apex “community” are whisky lovers 🙂

    Though I must say you guys over there need to learn to spell Whisky correctly. As far as I can determine from the lined up Whiskies they are all Scottish and they spell it without the e.


  2. Hi Patrick,

    the site looks great. I hope Sphinx and you, the models *g*, will have lots of success with that initiative!


  3. Congratulation for the success! The site is really looking good, although I (still) have difficulties with German.


    ps.: was nice to see familiar faces on the header logo 😉

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