New blog layout

As you may have noticed, I have updated the layout of my blog. I thought it’s time that my blog gets it’s own layout and I wanted to get rid of the default layout of blogspot.

Another advantage of the new layout is that it adapts to the width of the browser and by that it should use more space for the content, especially on big screens. That’s for example something I don’t like on a lot of blogs, that they are optimized for 800×600. With the sidebar there is just to less space left for the content.

I would appreciate feedback if the layout looks good on the different browsers and operating systems, because if you have already played a little bit with CSS you will have noticed that CSS/browser layouting can be a nightmare. If it looks nice on Firefox, you can be sure that IE 7 displays it differently and if it also works in IE 7 it will not display correctly on IE 6…

Have fun with the new look and feel!

PS: Thanks to Dimitri, who helped me with an CSS issue.

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