My top 10 enhancement request for the next major Oracle APEX release

Haven’t blogged about an Oracle APEX topic for a long time, so I thought it’s time again!

As I have heard the Oracle APEX development team is going to discussing the roadmap of the next major Oracle APEX release, so I’m taking the opportunity to summarize my top 10 enhancement request wishes.

And no, this should not influence them in any way in there decisions… 😉

  1. Error handling enhancements as described in the following thread.
  2. Error handling enhancements
  3. Did I already say “Error handling enhancements”? 🙂
  4. Improvements for the tabular form handling. Like declarative validations for columns as we can do it for page items, … And maybe some of the other ideas which I have implemented in that area in the ApexLib Framework.
  5. A required property which can be set for page items/tabular form columns. Based on that checkbox APEX should automatically do a “NOT NULL” validation check during submit. The same for date pickers and numeric (numeric format mask) page items/columns. It shouldn’t be necessary to create all this “technical” validations which are hiding the real business validations. It’s all in the meta data! 🙂
  6. Reduction of the generated Javascript code (eg. for Popup Lovs, …). A library call would also make it easier to replace the existing functionality.
  7. Check for non existing page items.
  8. Custom Item Types as described here
  9. Resizeable textareas in the APEX Builder, like seen here.
  10. The wizards should not escape all the columns/tables with quotes. That’s so ugly looking. It should only do it if the column/table definition is really mixed case.

Oh, already 10. I would have so many more, like the “A new condition for report regions which checks if data has been returned by the query. Read here the details“, …

Looking forward to the cool new features of the next release!

2 thoughts on “My top 10 enhancement request for the next major Oracle APEX release

  1. I like your list. Error handling (exception handling) is a must and yes “”‘s are evil.

  2. I’ve been thinking of Custom Item Types myself, this could be extremely useful in certain situations. You seem to have given it a good deal of thought, and I hope Oracle gives your writeup some serious consideration.

    My personal favorite enhancement request is that Apex should support REF CURSORS as the source for Reports. That way, we won’t have to litter SQL strings all over the application — everything can be encapsulated into PL/SQL packages and reused. Oracle 11g now has the ability to convert a ref cursor into a dbms_sql cursor, so this is technically possible.

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