More undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1

In one of my last posting I wrote about some undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1, but there are more of them. I’m really short with my time, because I have to pack and get ready for my vacation, but

  • have you already tried to enter

    into the format mask property of a report column? Try it out! There is also an equivalent PL/SQL function called

  • Did you know that you can double click a Shuttle entry in 3.1 to move it to the other side?
  • Or that there is a package to handle JSON communication? Have a look at the apex_util package.
  • An On-Demand process will return an error message when it’s called in debug mode, currently it just returns a blank page if an error occurs (because of security reasons). Note: I couldn’t try this feature on the Eval Instance, because there seems to be a problem with the debug mode in general.
  • Last but not least, Carl did a complete rework of the APEX Javascript libraries, have a look! Ok, now you can’t have a look, because they a minified, but I’m sure they will still deploy a readable version for us developer so that we can have a look.

That’s it for now. I have to continue packing…

2 thoughts on “More undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1

  1. Hello,

    I wouldn’t call it ‘a complete rework’ but it is the beginning of one and sets us up for some exciting things in the future.


  2. Are you able to give me a working example of using the

    apex_util.html_pct_graph_mask command? I don’t seem to be able to get it working within my PL/SQL



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