Meet the Oracle APEX Development Team!

Several members of the Oracle APEX Development Team are speaking at different events in the next couple of weeks. That’s a good chance for you to catch up with us and directly get in touch with us! We are always interested on how you use APEX in your organisation or your “must have” features for the upcoming APEX 4.0.

Maybe you can make it to one of the following events:

I have done another talk a few weeks ago at the 1st German Oracle APEX Community Meetup in Munich, Germany where more than 65 people showed up. I was talking about “News from the APEX 4.0 Development Lab” and it was really interesting to see how people reacted on the new features, what questions they asked and what feedback/enhancements they gave.

Looking forward to see you at one of the events!
PS: Some impressions of the 1st German APEX Community Meetup.


5 thoughts on “Meet the Oracle APEX Development Team!

  1. I am a partner in ERD INFORMATION SYSTEMS and the president of the US site. I am reading your messages, getting help from your website and following you for a couple of years.
    We are Oracle technology based company for 14 years, and I made a decision to move to APEX 4 years ago, and I love it.
    We have migrated and developed our products to/with APEX and in most cases it works very good.
    My most issue is how to deploy products to several customers, How to install patches etc. Unfortunately, the current UI components installation is more complicated comparing to other dev tools like Forms.
    I would like to congratulate the APEX dev team in general and you personally for a great success. I am sure that one day APEX is going to be #1 in Organizational and WEB Development.
    I will try to join the conferences between the 11-15 October 2009 in San Francisco


    Boaz Bar

  2. Hi Patrik,

    is the event in Budapest held in English language or in Hungarian?
    I’m staying there for holidays, and it’s the only date which fits in my schedule, so if it would be in english -> perfect 😉

    Thanks for your answer,

  3. Hi Daniel,

    at least my presentation will be in English. I will do an APEX introduction and afterwards talk about APEX 4.0

    The event is at the

    Hunguest Hotel Griff
    H-1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152.

    and starts at 09:30 (registration starts at 09:00)


  4. Hi Patrick,

    I am an Oracle DBA and an enthusiast for this wonderful tool called APEX. I started study Apex in 2007 and finally em 2008, my company agreed to use into the company. In Brazil the use of Apex is very rare e few people develop in Apex, I created a small blog for try spread and increase the use in Brazil ( In september of 2008, the Oracle Users Group of Rio Grande do Sul -Brazil promoted a small conference about Apex and I had the pleasure of tell about APEX.
    I believe that gradually the use and interest in Apex in Brazil will increase.
    The my new challenge is apply the JQuery into Apex, have you a good material about this? I searched in web, but the found material is very poor.
    Ps: Congratulations for your Blog, is a great comunication channel about Apex in web.

  5. Hi Patrick,

    i just want to thank you and the other people in the development team for the upcoming features in APEX 4.0.
    I listened to your presentation in Hannover yesterday and i really enjoyed it. The knowledge of the new features will definitely save me a lot of hours of work in developing applications for my customers.

    Again, thanks a lot. And i’m already looking forward for the release 5.0! 😉

    Regards, Jens

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