Integration of Google Maps, Oracle Maps, … into APEX

I thought it’s a good idea to have an overview of all the different “How-To integrate [xxx] Maps into Oracle APEX” postings out there. That should make it easier for you to find the relevant pieces on how to integrate maps into your applications.

If I have missed an interesting posting, please let me know!

Google Maps

Oracle Maps


6 thoughts on “Integration of Google Maps, Oracle Maps, … into APEX

  1. Hey Patrick, great article.

    Also link “Google Maps thread on the OTN APEX forum” is dead.

  2. Hi Leland, thanks for letting me know. I have removed it because I couldn’t find it anymore. But I have added two new links to Google Maps integration articles.


  3. Hi Patrick,,, Im lookin’ for a way to integrate Google Map with Oracle Spatial,,,Im college @ ITS, now im at 8 semester. I m developing a sofware “Tourist Guide”, that helps tourist to find interesting places that match with the criteria. I store all location on Oracle Spatial and view it On Google Map.. is it possible ? Thanks for your attention… 🙂

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