Integrating Oracle APEX with PayPal Payments Pro

The Oracle APEX team has just published a white paper about Integrating Oracle Application Express with PayPal Payments Pro. They have also created a packaged application which you can use to immediately start of.

Good job Jason! There have been several postings on the OTN forum where people have been looking for such an how-to to integrate PayPal into there application.

4 thoughts on “Integrating Oracle APEX with PayPal Payments Pro

  1. Hi Fernando,

    no haven’t done it myself. I currently have no application where I can use it.

    But I’m sure if you ask the same question on the OTN APEX Forum, someone will have the experience.


  2. Hi,

    Something unrelated…

    Is there a way to publish Yahoo News through Oracle APEX…? I have around 2000 customers and want to link these customers (somehow) to news feeds (it can be something other than yahoo as well)…

    I thought if we can link paypal, may be we can link news feeds as well..

    Thanks in advance

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