Integrate Speech Recognition into Oracle APEX

Tyler Muth has posted a really cool example on how to integrate Oracle APEX with another service.

Jott is a speech recognition service and allows to integrate third party applications into there service. Tyler used this mechanism to write the output text of the speech recognition into the table of an Oracle APEX application. Read all the details on his Speech to text to Oracle APEX posting.

Great work Tyler!

Too bad that the service is not available in Europe 🙁

One thought on “Integrate Speech Recognition into Oracle APEX

  1. Great work sir … 🙂

    I have one question please,

    Dear Gurus,

    Somebody know, how to integrate java applet in oracle appex ?
    I am using Apex 3.2 in oracle 11g with Pls/sql_getway.

    I have one page to display java applet by using this script:

    when i disply/run the page, the error ocure “Applet test” notinited

    I don’t why ?
    where i must put the test.jar in oracle apex direktory ? or in java directory ?

    Please help me … by giving step-by-step implement applet in apex.

    Thank you very much, for the replay

    Harun Tofik

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