Installing ApexLib on

As you could see with the ApexLib Feature Demonstration application, the framework is also working on But to be honest, it’s a lot of work to upload all this single packages and views to to be able to install them into your schema.

I got the request to provide a How To document which should describe the necessary steps to install ApexLib on

I thought that’s a good time to look at the “Supporting Objects” feature of APEX, which I haven’t used yet. With this feature it’s possible to install additional database objects, like tables, views, packages or load data when an application is installed. Seems to be the ideal feature to install the views and packages of the ApexLib Framework.

The process of creating the install scripts is pretty straight forward, the only drawback is that if you have a lot of files as I have (29 single files), creating this installation steps is really boring. Note to the APEX team: How about a multi-file upload? 🙂

But I finally made it!

I put together a new application which doesn’t contain any pages, just the supporting objects. I didn’t include it into the Feature Demonstration application, because the regular ApexLib installation should always be done with the provided installation scripts. That’s just a goody for Ok it will also work on your APEX installation, in case if you don’t have SQL*Plus, but don’t tell anybody 😉

Want to try out the Framework on Download the necessary files from Sourceforge.

BTW, you have to be patient when installing the applications on It takes quite a while…